Carolicious is located in

Aeronaut Brewing Co Food Hub.

14 Tyler Street Somerville, MA 02143

Operate 7 days a week as a kitchen and service area for the taproom customers.


Las Carolinas love what they do. Enjoy serving people and make them feel special.

Minimum 10 servings

Delicious and healthy food with Venezuelan flavors.

Special Events

Las Carolinas made themselves known in Somerville Festivals.

Festivals are always an opportunity to share their flavor with the locals.



Carolicious is the result of perseverance, discipline, study and the deep respect for the country in which its founders were born: Venezuela.

Las Carolinas arrived in Somerville in August 2015 and in June 2016 as entrepreneurs joined the Somerville Arts Council Nibble Program.

After 3 years participating in many events and learning the food business, Carolicious is a company born in Venezuela and raised in New England dedicated to serving venezuelan food, specifically traditional venezuelan arepas with the addition of local flavors. Serving venezuelan arepas with local produces have allowed Carolicious to deliver a healthy, delicious and easy-to-eat meal that is also safer a more accessible for being gluten-free.

Arepas are a kind of hot sandwich made with corn flour and it can either accompany a meal or be the main dish at any time of the day. As Venezuelans, eating arepas is part of our day to day life. It is a lifestyle.


We grew up eating arepas daily for breakfast, lunch or dinner and to think of arepas is to go back to our venezuelan roots and remember family and friends reunions around the table. As moms ourselves, we have passed on to our children the tradition of having arepas as part of their nutrition the same way our parents did.

The arepa for its neutral taste is very similar to bread in the sense that it can be sliced and stuffed with almost any combination of flavors, with the added advantage that being made out of corn flour makes it gluten free. Although arepas can be roasted or fried, Carolicious has only served them roasted, as it is a healthier and more manageable product to make and sell at events such as festivals and farmers markets.

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The name Carolicious comes from our slogan “delicious food made by Las Carolinas,” a name that we consider is easy to position in the minds of consumers from all over the world.

Carolicious takes pride in serving arepas that our customers can savor all the love we put into making each of them.

Carolicious is the first offering venezuelan food in Somerville, MA.


Our mission is to introduce traditional Venezuelan food to the City of Somerville and beyond. To be excellent ambassadors not only of Venezuelan cuisine but of the way of being of its people: kind, gentle and cheerful.

We’ll introduce our guests to the colors, textures and flavors that identify our country’s gastronomy while providing the best local produce, outstanding service and sustainable practices.

We keep a tiny piece of our country close to us with the pleasure to share a wonderful meal with the rest of the world.

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Team Las Carolinas

The Carolinas are two enterprising friends, godmothers (comadres) and partners for many years. When they arrived in Somerville they began to observe their people and they soon realized that most people bought food on the street, so they decided to start a business where the arepa was the star of the menu.




Merchant blood in the veins and computer professional. It comes from a large family called “La Montonera” that has served to know how to serve many people efficiently and kindly.

Passionate about laser engraving and design, a business she had in Venezuela for many years, when she immigrated she decided to reinvent herself with another of her passions: food.




Graduated in Communications and specialized in Advertising and Public Relations in Caracas, Venezuela. Public servant of soul and heart, she lives to serve people and that is why Carolicious is the ideal place for her!

“That people know our flavors and arepas makes us feel like the best ambassadors. The feedback from our clients has made us very happy during all these years”


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    Monday 11 am - 9:30 pm
    Tuesday 11 am - 9:30 pm
    Wednesday 11 am - 10 pm
    Thursday 11 am - 9:30 pm
    Friday 11 am - 9:30 pm
    Saturday 12 pm - 9:30 pm
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